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Hurstville City Council is in the process of preparing an overland flood study for the Hurstville Local Government Area (LGA).  The LGA covers a total area of 22.8 km2 and is home to approximately 80,000 people. It incorporates the suburbs of Lugarno, Oatley, Peakhurst Heights, Peakhurst, Riverwood, Narwee, Mortdale, Beverly Hills, Penshurst, Hurstville, Kingsgrove and a small section of Carlton.  Land use is predominately residential, however, there are significant commercial and industrial areas also scattered throughout the LGA.

The LGA contributes runoff to two major receiving water bodies.  The southern section of the LGA (generally lying to the south of Forest Road) drains in a south-westerly direction to the Georges River / Salt Pan Creek, while the northern sections of the LGA generally drain in a north-easterly direction into Wolli Creek which, in turn, drains into the Cooks River. Prior to settlement of the region, large proportions of rainfall infiltrated into the underlying soil with the excess runoff being directed along natural drainage gullies and creeks.  However, development across the LGA has increased the amount of impervious surfaces and reduced the opportunities for rainfall to infiltrate into the underlying soils.  In addition, as urban development has progressed, many of the smaller drainage gullies and creeks have been built over and replaced by stormwater pipes / culverts.


Draft Overland Flood Study

The draft 'Hurstville Overland Flood Study' has been prepared and is available for review / comment. The report and associated maps can be viewed on the Downloads page. The flood inundation mapping can also be viewed on the Mapping page.


View the Maps

You can view some of the outputs of the study via the mapping page.

View the maps.

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