Community Involvement

Hurstville City Council recognises the importance of consulting with the community in order to obtain as much information about historic flooding as possible. The consultation process for the flood study is aimed at ensuring:

1) The community can be informed and understand the processes involved in preparing the study as well as the way in which the flood study results will be used; and,

2) The community can share their experiences of flooding across the LGA;

The first objective is to be met though the distribution of a Community Information Brochure, which will be sent to residents and business owners across the LGA, as well as this website. The website will be updated as the study progresses.

The second objective will be met through a questionnaire (now closed). The questionnaire will also be sent to residents and business owners across the LGA. 

Your contributions to the study are greatly appreciated and will help to ensure the flood study is a success.



Project Contributors

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